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We’ve been worried about you.


Don't be worried. These girls will do that for you! Much like the idea of traditional worry dolls, the Worried Girls are meant to relieve the pressures of daily existence and represent the face of worry in a "Give Zero Fucks" world. 'Is my ex going to be there? Why didn't he text me back? Did I lock the door? Have I called Mom lately?'  These girls give fucks, probably way too many. And they get through it by banding together to raise each other up! And probably not without a friend-of-a-friend's Xanax prescription.

Our mission is simple; Let the girls take on your troubles so you can chill out and relax! - or -  If you're more of a Type-A, so the saying goes: "If you can't beat 'em, join 'em!"  Become a member of the Worried Girls Club and let's face this thing together! Everyone is free to join, as long as our mission and our hearts agree.


pro tips on how to be a proactive Worried Girl:

  • get out and Vote!

  • be nicer to strangers

  • recycle

  • volunteer

  • buy local/ create local

  • support women

  • be more creative

  • support the arts

  • see more music

  • communicate!

  • be true to U